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Reaton co-operative is founded; it provides consultation services in the sphere of economics, publishes books, trades in sports goods and engages in other activities.


Construction business is started: Reaton undertakes reconstruction of Caravella Hotel and delivery of cement for a Turkish company for a facility under construction in Belarus.


August 8th. In a reorganization of the co-operative, Reaton Ltd. Company is created, which begins to manufacture wooden products including doors. It starts work in construction and Hyundai showroom is built in Riga in Purvtsiems. The sale of construction and decoration materials is launched.


The first store selling decoration materials, called Decorum, opens in Riga in Sadovnikov Street. This was quite a risky step at that time, but it has fully justified itself. The lines at the entrance of the store not only testified to the lack of competition, but were also evidence of people’s readiness to pay for quality and service — sales reached unprecedented figures.


The food products business is launched. Seafood from abroad which had not been supplied to the Latvian market before is successfully sold in restaurants, cafes and shops. The trade was accompanied by investments in the development of a network of warehouses and purchase of refrigerating equipment.


This year was the most difficult in the company’s history. After a drastic revision in the production and trade in construction materials a concept that sounded revolutionary at that time was introduced — a work plan.


The Decorum store in Sadovnikov Street was expanded to twice its size, and the production facility underwent reconstruction. One million dollars was invested in the updating of the technological processes employed.


Significant changes take place in business development and company structure. An architecture and construction centre opens in Riga in Viskalu Street, 21 with spacious shop floors located on two levels. It has an administrative complex and warehouses.

Reaton becomes a member of the Association of Vendors of Construction Materials. The first branch of the company selling decoration materials and doors opens in St. Petersburg. The development of the mc² project begins.


Reaton begins to open branches in Latvian cities to sell decoration materials and doors (Valmiera — 2000, Ventspils — 2001 and Daugavpils — 2003). The food department creates a subsidiary in Lithuania and begins supplying goods to Estonia.


To expand the architecture and construction centre another trade pavilion is built, together with a warehousing complex opposite the existing one.


The interior and delicatessen centre mc² opens — a unique store in its concept not only for Latvia but even for Europe. The total shop floor space of mc² is 13,000 m². The centre consists of three parts: Decorum (decoration materials, furniture and lamps), Galleria (interior and design items, accessories, textiles, tableware, bed-clothes) and Gastronome (gourmet market — retail sale of food products).


The image of the company is enhanced. The facilities built, reconstructed and supplied with decoration materials and doors now include such important public buildings as the commercial complexes Alfa and Origo, Melngalvju Nams, Saules akmens, Rigas Dome, Policijas Olimpiskais centrs, and Riga airport, as well as a number of gymnasiums, schools, hotels and apartment blocks.


Work on 14 new business development projects begins, and turnover increases by 40% compared to the previous year. Reaton is restructured, and the Decorum store in Sadovnikov Street is closed due to the lack of potential for expansion, while employee rating rules and a new customer service standard are developed, work on a new concept for the Gastronome and Decorum stores begins and the first phase of revision of door production is completed.

Today Reaton, which is one of the oldest privately-owned companies in Latvia, is developing dynamically and in the near future is planning to invest more than 4 million lats into different projects.


The Reaton Food Department opens a representative office in Estonia, and Gastronome, the delicatessen market and restaurant at the Reval Hotel Latvija, is opened.
Reconstruction and modernisation of the Reaton Door Production Facility is completed.


Operation is launched at the newly built Reaton Logistics Centre.
In the centre of the city – at the Reval Hotel Latvija – the Decorum interior design showroom opens its doors.


Under the leadership of Reaton’s construction professionals, a modern administrative complex – a class A office building – is put into service in the Viskaļu Street area.
Professionals at the Reaton Door Production Facility develop a new collection of doors.


The exclusive designer door collection of the Reaton Door Production Facility is presented, developed in collaboration with the best known Latvian architects.
The Reaton Construction Department carries out reconstruction of the Arkādija sports complex and Bauska district municipal sports facilities.
The Reaton Food Department launches regular themed events for customers at Gastronome restaurants.


For the comfort of clients the new summer terrace of Gastronome is opened in Jurmala, Turaidas street.
Reaton construction department starts the construction of a new building for kindergarten "Spodrība” in Dobele.


Starting out to work the new Reaton grocery storage on Viskaļu street, with a roominess amount - 250 tons and temperature +2, +6 degrees. Reaton food department purchases new machines for transportation of food stuff.
Preparing to the beginning of a school year, Reaton door manufacture department produces sound-proofing doors and installs them in six schools of Riga.
Reaton construction department works on the outdoor and indoor furnish in several educational institutions, including Latvian University of Agriculture and Bank school.


On 23 and 24 of November, mc² organizes the celebration of its 10-years anniversary with a magnificent Seafood Festival.
On 20 of December the expanded Gastronome opens its doors on Brivibas street 31. The trade area of shop is increased from 650m² to almost 1000m².


Reaton arranges the unique interior design contest "Authors collection of bathrooms. 12 rooms", in which take part the 19 of the best Latvian interior designers and as a result of which there is created a new bathroom exposition in the center of interior and delicacies mc².
Reaton food department celebrates the 20-years-anniversary.

To be continued...