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Materials laying

We accept orders for decoration of facilities with floor area over 200 m²

Reaton specialists lay decoration materials, install bathroom equipment and doors and perform other types of works related to internal and external decoration. The laying of materials also involves performing all the required preparation and extra works. The works have a two-year guarantee.

Types of works

  1. Installation and laying of any types of flooring: tiles, natural and artificial stone, laminated wood, parquet, heavy boards, linoleum, gym covering and carpeting, etc. The works include assembly and installation of skirting boards and if necessary polishing and varnishing of floors.
  2. Assembly and trimming of ventilated and suspended façade systems.
  3. Wall coverings: application of wallpaper, application of decorative coatings, tiling, etc. The works include preparation of walls for decoration.
  4. Installation of suspension and stretch ceilings.
  5. Installation of bathroom equipment (bathrooms, shower cubicles, sinks, bidets, toilet bowls etc.).
  6. All aspects of Reaton door installation from preliminary measurements to free technical inspections after a year in operation.

You can receive extra information and answers to your questions from the project supplies department by calling: +371 67 023 048, e-mail or directly to Reaton’s central office at the following address: Ciekurkalna 2.linija 74.