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Designer doors by Latvian architects

Wooden doors

Latvijas arhitektu autordurvju kolekcija Normandijas sāga

The doors are made from natural wood. They may be painted or finished with wooden veneering or plastic. The door aperture is also subject to trimming.

The appearance and the technical specifications of these doors largely depend on the choice of the structure — whether it is a hollow-wood or a frame structure. The framed structure doors are lighter and are characterized by classical shapes and elegance. The framed structure allows a number of different models which fall into two groups: with a profile and a smooth plane.

There can be single-leaf, double-leaf and one-and-a-half-leaf doors, swing or sliding; solid or with glass and stained glass inserts; with applied decorative strips; with transoms and side windows, as well as a part of a glass partition. Different combinations of the abovementioned elements are possible — for example, doors with two side windows, or with one side window and a transom, etc. The selection includes over 200 different models.

High-quality veneered or painted internal doors with hollow-wood or frame structure. The door frame and bearing construction is made of softwood (/W=8-10%/). The surface layer of the flat part of the door– 3.2 NX-HDF N 12. Natural wood veneer and paint and varnish products of Europe’s leading manufacturers are used for finishing.


You can choose a suitable model and the right dimensions from those on offer, or to have one made to order according to non-standard measurements.

Standard door dimensions
The width of the flat part of the door:
600, 700, 800, 900 mm.
The height of the flat part of the door:
2000, 2200, 2300, 2400 mm.
for doors with the height not exceeding
2,000 mm — 38 mm;
for doors with the height exceeding
2,050 mm — 48 mm.