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Entrance doors

The most important indicator of the quality of an entrance door is its strength, therefore Reaton offers a special door structure with a special finish which provides a higher degree of protection. Such doors possess excellent heat insulation characteristics and very good acoustic insulation properties. Multiple finish options are offered.

The reinforced multi-layered hollow-wood structure of the entrance door contains two metal sheets; a heat insulation material to fill the body of the door; a folded flat part edge; a threshold and in case of necessity a mechanical ledge weather strip filling the gap between the floor and the door. The door is equipped with special strong finish hardware. If the customer wishes the door comes with extra accessories — a peephole, a chain, an apartment number.

Door cross-section profile

  1. Metal sheets
  2. Wooden frame
  3. Heat and sound insulation material
  4. MDF waterproof panel

Several options of entrance door finish are available:

  • Natural wood veneering (oak, beech, maple and other types of wood).
  • Painting in different shades depending on the customer’s choice. Only the highest quality paint and varnishing materials are used.
  • Combined finish — painting on one side and veneering on the other with decorative elements or without.