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Solid wood doors and insulated doors

Reatons solid wood doors will ensure reliable protection for your house while providing a high level of acoustic and heat insulation. To meet these requirements a door unit is made from a whole piece of high quality pine or oak wood and treated with a special compound which helps to protect the door from harmful environmental damage: rain and snow, temperature changes, ultraviolet radiation, wind, etc.

Among the distinctive features that our doors possess is a highly reliable lock, adjustable three-dimensional hinges (3D type), a weather strip around the perimeter and a strong threshold. The increased reliability hinges and lock are a part of the standard kit for all internal, solid wood doors and insulated Reaton doors.

The range of front doors includes several model types. These include single-leaf, transom, side-window, side-window and transom, transom and side-window models, doors with two side windows and doors with two side-windows and a transom.


The maximum dimensions ofthe door unit (door-frame and flat part): height 2,600mm, width 2,000mm.

The maximum dimensions ofthe flat part ofthe door: height 2,100mm, width 900mm, thickness 52mm.