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Special purpose doors

Fireproof doors

Fireproof doors are designed for public buildings — hotels, restaurants, schools and any other facilities facing higher fire safety requirements. Such doors are made with special technology in compliance with current construction regulations. They prevent fire and combustion from spreading, and provide acoustic insulation up to 36 decibels.

The lock and hinges for fireproof doors are made from material which ensures the required minimum fire resistance limits of the structure. Special sealants guarantee the required impermeability of the ledge.

We offer several types of finish — including natural veneering using different types of wood and painting. Fireproof doors may be glazed.

Types of fireproof doors

Wooden single-leaf doors (model UD-21201) with the minimum fire-resistance rating of EI 30 (30 minutes).

Wooden single-leaf doors with glazing (model UD-21140) with the minimum fire-resistance rating of EW 30 (30 minutes).

Doors with acoustic insulation

Soundproof doors are internal doors with possess higher acoustic insulation characteristics. Special requirements need to be met during design, manufacture, and installation. The acoustic instulation is guaranteed by a special door structure and production technology as well as through the use of the latest innovative materials whose quality is endorsed by special certificates. The insulation properties must be tested and certified according to the test results.

The finish options include natural veneering using different types of wood (oak, beech, etc.) or painting.

Types of sound-proof doors

The doors are manufactured to order and are categorized according to the acoustic insulation level: class 1 — 32 decibels, class 2 — 36 decibels, class 3 — 40 decibels.