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How to choose the doors

When choosing a door model and extra accessories it is important to remember that the main door structure consists of several components:

  • Door frame — the frame installed in the door opening to which the flat part is attached;
  • The flat part — the opening part of the door;
  • Finish casing — the component applied around the perimeter of the door-frame to cover the gap between the door frame and the wall;
  • Door panel — the sheet filling the opening in the skeleton structure;
  • Finish hardware — the knob, hinges, lock, latch, peep-hole, etc.;
  • Threshold — installed to improve the acoustic and heat insulation properties of the door.

The integral parts of the door may include: glass, finish casing (decorative borders), threshold, sealing gasket, lock, (one of several types), door knob.

The size of the door opening is determined by three dimensions: height, width and thickness in millimeters.

Doors may be opening from left to right and vice versa

The basic cost includes the price of the door flat part and door frame and may also involve the cost of the glass, the knob, the lock, the hinges, auxiliary components (peephole, sealant, lapper etc.), as well as the cost of bleaching, toners (except the colour white) and extra charge for non-standard size.

Reaton’s experienced customer specialists will assist you in choosing the most suitable door model from the functionality and design aspects, as well as our team can provide accurate installation. Services.