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Finishing materials

Natural veneer

You can choose veneer from oak, beech, ash, birch, tanganyika, or any other wood which you wish to order. All types of wood can be toned using 16 different shades. The colour of the veneer may differ on different parts of the door surface, due to the angle at which light is reflected and its impact on the natural wooden finish. It is this uniqueness for which natural veneer is valued. Each door finished with veneer is different.


For smooth doors we offer a practical and modern plastic finish — more than 2000 types of decorative HPL plastic (High Pressure Laminate) from such famous manufactures like FORMICA, DUROPAL, PFLEIDERER and others. Such a wide selection allows choosing a suitable color and texture for any interior. Doors with laminate coating most commonly used for public buildings such as hotels, hospitals and schools.


Doors can be painted in any of  NCS or RAL colors. Reaton manufacturing department's professional sales consultants will help you to choose and to make a decision.