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Constructive solutions

We offer two types of frames for our doors a universal frame and a standard wood frame. Our experts will recommend the frame construction best suited for each particular door model.

Universal door frames

Universal door frame:

  • flexibly adaptable to any wall thickness, easy to install
  • manufactured to have consistent design with the door leaf painted or natural wood veneer
  • suitable both for doors with modern design and for restoration of doors in buildings undergoing renovation this door frame can be easily installed on top of the old metal frames

Standard wood frames

Standard wood frame:

  • for individually-manufactured jambs of various types and sizes
  • varied options for accessories including door frames with cornices and other decorative elements
  • suitable both for reconstruction of doors in historical buildings and for doors with modern design


Various types of architraves (plain, semi-circular) produced from MDF with the consequent veneering with various species of wood veneer. Shaped architrave is produced from the solid wood of the same type as the finishing material of the door leaf and frame. The detachable and insertable architraves are used. The use of the insertable architraves allows adjusting of the width of the door frame and improves the aesthetic perception of the joint between the frame and the architrave.