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The door production unit was established in 1991, when the owners of Reaton bought back the plot and woodworking shop in Riga, Krustabaznicas Street 4A, which previously belonged to the Soviet Army. This set the foundation for successful business and dynamic development to the present level.

The development of production is founded on time-tested traditions, materials of the highest quality, and the latest technologies

During the lifetime of the production unit, it has been reconstructed, expanded and modernised several times, creating a facility complying with modern requirements and suitable for future plans. Initially, the production capacity made it possible to manufacture approximately 30 doors per month. A new stage in the companys development began in 1996, and in one year the production capacity was increased by nearly 900% Reaton was producing as much as 250 doors per month.

Along with technological investments, new door models were being created to match the latest fashion and design trends. As of 2005, the Reaton door production unit was not only amongst the largest door manufacturers in the country with stable market positions in its field, but was also considered the trendsetter of door fashion in Latvia.

Significant reconstruction and modernisation of technologies was carried out in 2007 by investing approximately 1500000 LVL, resulting in a production capacity of up to 2000 doors per month.

The Reaton door production unit is accepting individual door orders and providing door manufacturing for various projects.