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Operating conditions, instructions, warranty

1. Doors to be transported and stored only in horizontal position, in tight packing, having linings in between. Cargo must be well fixed according to the rules of transportation.

2. Doors and their components can be stored in premises ensuring temperature not below +10 C and relative humidity not exceeding 60%. Doors must be protected against atmospheric precipitation, mechanical damages and direct sun rays.

3. To prevent deformation doors must be stored on pallets, which exclude shrinking and bending of door structure.

4. For interior doors it is necessary to insure temperature from +10 C to +30 C and relative humidity from 40% to 60%.

5. Door installation is strictly forbidden in inappropriate environmental conditions.

6. Attention! Door assembling and installation must be done by the qualified specialist. Disregarding installation instruction, as well as unskilled actions may lead to irreversible damages of a door construction that excludes possibility to receive warranty services.

7. In case of assembly dust during installation it must not be cleaned fresh or by means of chemical agents. It is necessary to wait until dust hardens and then clean it off carefully.

8. In door-separated premises, it is not recommended to maintain essentially different temperatures and humidity, as well as to install doors nearer than 0.5 m from the heat source.

9. Doors must be protected against mechanical damages, dirt and water, as well as against contact with hot subjects and chemically active substances.

10. In order to prevent doors from colour changes during exploitation, it is desirable to avoid exposure to direct sun rays.

11. While exploiting the door it is necessary to use it with care. When opening and-or closing the door, the door handle must be used till complete shutting till the door is fixed by a door-lock. Doors can't be left open being exposed to draught. It is forbidden to fix doors using inappropriate wedges, heavy articles, etc. as it may irreversibly damage the door and / or its construction.

12. Door cleaning must be done by cotton rag moistened in water or by special furniture detergents not containing any solvents. It is categorically forbidden to use paste or abrasive washing-up liquids for cleaning (for example dishwashing and detergent powders, etc.)

13. The warranty stays in force under condition that all installation and exploitation rules are completely observed.