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Subsidiaries in the Baltic States

Reaton subsidiaries operate ináLithuania and Estonia: Reaton UAB opened ináVilnius iná2000, while Reaton OÜáopened ináTallinn ináMarch 2006. They provide the entire Reaton range ofáfood and gourmet products supplies toátheir customers ináthese countries. Ináparticular, our clients include restaurant, hotel and supermarket chains operating ináall three Baltic countries, and they can order all the products included ináour catalogue onáthe same conditions.

AsáináLatvia, the subsidiaries employ sales experts with access toáthe central on-line order placement system. The same marketing policy and customer service principles are implemented ináall the three countries. With its flexible delivery arrangements, focus onácustomersĺ preferences and well-developed logistics system the network ofásubsidiaries isáexpanding with great success.

Contact information

Reaton UAB

Lithuania, LTá02121, Vilnius, Minsko pl.3
Telephone: +370á523á303á90
Fax: +370á523á303á90

Reaton OÜ

Estonia, 10621, Tallinn, Laki Street, 14a
Telephone: +372á683á55á83
Fax: +372á683á55á84