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Doors are an organic part of the interior, which task is to connect spaces as well as to individualize the design project.

Reaton offers

Reaton is one of the oldest businesses among Latvian manufacturers of high quality wooden doors.

We offer over 200 models of wooden shield doors for housing and public buildings: internal, front door versions, entrance doors, soundproof and fireproof doors, sliding partitions as well as glass doors and reinforced doors.

Depending on the specifications of a particular model, we offer natural veneer, plastic (HPL) or paint finish. For interior doors decorative glass varying in texture and color matte, tinted, frosted, and stained are available. All doors come with a high quality finish from European manufacturers.

We offer a range of services: measuring on site, installation and technical inspection. Reaton products have 24 months manufacturers warrantee and we offer also post-warrantee servicing.

Reaton in collaboration with the leading Latvian architects created a Designer Door collection embodying architects personality, creative thought and handcraft.

We are working for You
individuals who set high-quality life standarts

We kindly invite you to attend our expositions of doors in Architecture and Construction Centre Reaton, as well as in Interior and Delicatessen Centre mc2 and familiarize yourself with Designer Door collection "Saga of Normandy" created by the leading Latvian architects as well as with variety of our offer (Trading places and contacts).