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A staircase is both a work of art and a sophisticated architectural structure.

A correctly picked stairway combines attractive design and reliability and helps to save space. Thanks to a wide choice of materials and designs modern staircases create numerous options for interior decoration.

Albini & Fontanot staircases are a perfect combination of technology and art. Using different technical means Italian designers and engineers offer original design solutions. One of the latest units from Albini & Fontanot involves combining different textures, such as bleached oak and metal the shade of darkened silver with a bluish hue. Contrasting combinations of light shades of wood and dark metal have recently become very trendy.

Albini & Fontanot offers both standard models and stairways made to order using different shades of wood and metal. You can choose either a spiral staircase or a straight one. Among different combinations of designer solutions for banisters and step lighting you will definitely find a variant to enhance your home interior.

Reaton experts will help you to choose a reliable and strong staircase; they will provide you with recommendations on the safe maintenance with consideration of the particularities of the room, and they will of course install it for you.