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Wallpaper is an important element in interior design, which creates a mood and forms a general impression of the room.

In order to choose the right wallpaper from a wide selection, please familiarize yourself with a booklet where you will find the answers to the most important questions.

Reaton offers

Due to its long-standing experience, Reaton works only with Europe and U.S leading manufacturers, so in our product range you will find the works of many world famous designers such as Carey Lind, Ronald Redding, Candica Olson, Stacy Garcia and many others.

We offer many types of wallpaper with different colors, nuances and styles, including natural wallpaper, made from sisal, paper, bamboo and other natural materials from York, Rasch Textil, Domus Parati, Texdecor, Texam, Lincrusta, Sangiorgio, Giardini, Rodeka etc.

For the fans of latest technological novelties we offer interesting solution - 3D wallpapers from Marburg Patent Decor, which will make your interior unique.

Our product range includes a variety of photo wallpapers from manufacturers such as Marburg, Rasch, Atlas and York, among which even the most demanding customer will find the desired design. We also offer a service of manufacturing photo wallpapers for your order.

Our customers have a unique opportunity of combining wallpaper with the tissues for furniture and curtains.

We invite you to visit our wallpaper exposition in Reaton architecture and construction center, as well as in the mc ²- interior design and delicatessen centre, and get acquainted with the variety of wallcoverings we offer (Trading places and contacts).