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The main function of lighting fixtures is to illuminate the space and various objects, however in the course of their development they experienced a significant transformation becoming an important part of the interior design.

You will find classic and contemporary lamps for various purposes in mc² wide assortment. We are official dealers of the most famous brands from UK, Italy, Germany and the USA..

Reaton offers

In order to illuminate the internal premises and to create an interior design you can choose lamps made of fabric, paper, crystal, glass, metal, plastic and even wood. For your convenience we can develop individual projects of electrical wiring, various technical solutions and even lighting objects design.

According to your wishes we will find built-in or outdoor lighting fixtures for walls, ceilings, tables, floors and any other surfaces.

Our various assortment includes such exclusive brands as Escale, FontanaArte, Micron, Itre, Italamp, Marioni, Terzani, Oluce, Studio Italia Design, Faustig, Catellani&Smith, Artemis Design, Il Paralume Marina, Masiero and Lamp.

The following brands are offered for outdoor lighting FontanaArte, Kevin Reilly and Avenue Lighting, which include lamps of different materials, sizes, designs and offer an innovative outdoor lighting solutions.

We invite you to choose the lighting fixtures together with mc² professionals - come to us with your ideas and plans and we will offer exactly what you want! (Contacts).