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Sports flooring

Sports flooring is characterized by high wear and impact resistance, as well as pronounced resistance against slips and high level of shock absorption. Reaton offers multifunctional floors, easy to care and suitable for different sports.

Reaton offers

Reaton has rich experience in supply and installation of high-quality elastic sports flooring. We offer wooden, and synthetic sports coatings, artificial grass coatings, running tracks for stadiums, as well as coatings for multifunctional (basketball, volleyball, handball, etc.) fields. All sports coatings have necessary certificates. We provide professional installation of sports coatings. Information about completed projects can be found here.

Wooden floors

The wooden sports floorings, offered by Reaton are top quality materials with good shock absorption qualities what reduces the danger of injury. These floors are durable (possible repeated polishing and varnishing after many years of use), they have a perfect outlook and high wear resistance.
We represent such world-known manufacturers as Prestige (USA), Aacer (USA), Tarkett, Boen. We offer different types of sports floors, depending on the specifics of the sport hall, wishes of the client and the selected subsystem. Our sports floors have FIBA certificate and conform with DIN 18032 requirements.

Synthetic floors

Reaton assortment includes also a wide choice of synthetic floorings from simple gym linoleum to professional floorings with shock absorption qualities. These coatings are especially recommended for kindergartens, schools, gyms, sport halls, etc.

We offer synthetic sports coatings of Tarkett company.

Coatings for open playgrounds

We offer Alsatan P14, Alsatan P16 and Alsatan Mix elastic coatings of the German manufacturer Stockmeier Urethanes for multifunctional open playgrounds (basketball, volleyball, handball, etc.). This coating is laid on concrete or asphalt base of 10-16 mm thickness, using in-situ technology. Coating consists of a mixture of rubber granules of black, red, green, etc. colours.
For running tracks, we offer Alsatan SC coating of 12-14 mm thickness. Lower layer of coating consists of mixture of black rubber granules and is laid by using in-situ technology, whereas the upper red layer is installed by applying dispersion method.

Floor tiles

Floor tiles are a high-quality material with shock absorption qualities, not harmful for health and involving diverse application. It is used on play and sports grounds, on terraces and balconies, at pools, in gyms, at approaches to private houses and in yards, on pathways and in other places. Floor tiles significantly reduce the risk of injury from accidental falls, as well as prevent slips. They conform to EU standard EN1177, are safe for children and environment. We offer products, manufactured by Kraiburg Relastec (Germany) and Granuflex (Hungary).

Artificial grass

Artificial grass coatings are used for football and tennis fields, as well as playgrounds. Artificial grass can also improve the visual look of your yard or garden. Modern technologies have made artificial grass floorings durable and lasting. They look aesthetically and attractively. Artificial grass is widely used in professional sports. We represent Belgian manufacturers Lano and Desso.

Please visit Reaton architecture and construction centre to obtain professional advice of our qualified experts (Trading places and contacts).