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Project integration

For more than ten years Reaton has been occupying a leading position in the Latvian market of decoration materials supply for construction projects. Our partners include such organizations as Re & Re, Skonto Buve, Merks and many others.

A special place is occupied by materials characterized by innovative solutions in architecture and technology

Reval Latvija

In particular, we offer supply and installation of ventilated façade systems and we provide laying of certified gym flooring designed for use on outdoor and indoor sites.

Our experts take part in specialized workshops both within the country and abroad on a regular basis. This allows them to keep abreast of new trends and to offer customers most advanced technological solutions.

Reaton acts as an exclusive dealer for more than 40 production firms. We offer a holistic approach to supply of materials and provision of related services, which contributes to saving our customers time. One of the guidelines that we adhere to in our work is cooperation focused on customers’ needs.

We perform our work at a high professional level and we find unique solutions for each project, providing services at several stages of the construction process.