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Proposals for investors

Reaton offers cooperation to investment companies and developers in several spheres:

  1. Supply of decoration materials to facilities under construction (parquet, laminate, linoleum, carpeting, tiles, mosaic, granite, marble, glass blocks, paint and wallpaper, suspension and stretch ceilings), wooden and glass doors, staircases, bathroom equipment, design heating radiators, furniture and interior design items.
  2. Construction of facilities under general contract conditions as far as the turnkey phase.
  3. Reconstruction of facilities under general contract conditions — interior decoration, general construction, special and finishing works.
  4. Installation of facades on buildings. Possible options — from wood and tiles, ventilated, stone and others.
  5. Laying of gym flooring cover indoors and on outdoor facilities (gymnasiums, football pitches, cinder tracks, games areas), including preparation of the foundations and drainage networks.
  6. Decoration and home improvement in private houses and apartments within the framework of the programme called “The Owner of New Housing”, including delivery of furniture and interior fixtures and fittings.