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Architecture and construction centre

Reaton Architecture and Construction Centre opened in Riga in Viskalu Street in 1998. Establishing a spacious shopping area on two floors, an administrative centre and warehouses constituted quite a challenging project at that time: there had been no trade centres of such calibre in Latvia before.

The choice of products and the quality of service were highly appreciated not only by customers, but by experts as well. For two years in a row, in 2000 and in 2001, Reaton Architecture and Construction Centre was awarded a prize as the best store in the industry, and in 2000 also as the best store in Latvia.


Riga, Viskalu Street, 21
Telephone: + 371 67 023 733, 67 023 797

Opening hours

Monday - Friday: from 09:30 to 19:00
Saturday: from 10:00 to 16:00
Sunday: Closed

The centre gained popularity very quickly, and as early as in 2001 it was expanded: a second shopping pavilion and a warehousing complex were added

Pavilion # 1
Ppavilion # 2

Today the address Viskalu, 21 is a special place for anyone who is decorating his house, apartment, office or any other space.

The store offers high quality decoration materials from different countries including the most interesting new products launched both in Europe and all over the world

We work hard to make the customer service level consistent with the high quality of the materials that we offer.

For customers’ convenience the range of goods is divided into two large groups. In pavilion # 1 one can find all decoration materials, such as tiles, wallpaper, doors, flooring, and bathroom equipment. Most customers here are private clients, designers and architects.

Pavillion # 2 offers the widest choice in town of quality flooring materials for offices as well as carpets, wallpaper for painting and paint, flooring for gyms.

The main customers here are professionals engaged in construction and decoration.

The Architecture and Construction Centre is a place where purchases are made in a calm and comfortable environment

From a convenient parking lot to professional consultations by the sales personnel, everything is aimed at helping the customer to appreciate the rich selection of decorating materials and make the right choice. If a required product is out of stock, but available in the catalogue or as a sample, it can be ordered. Additional services include assistance in the form of expert development of interior design; delivery and installation of purchased goods and the option of purchasing on credit.