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Gym flooring and other floorings

Riga town hall

Laying granite floors and staircases.

Commercial complex Alfa, Riga

Laying flooring.

Unimars centre, Riga

Laying of tiles and flooring.

Unicentrs office building, Riga

A whole complex of decorative work and floor laying.

French lyceum, Riga

Laying gym flooring.

Educational establishment Jaunmarupe

Laying flooring in the basketball gym and tiling in the swimming-pool.

Riga Ukrainian school

Laying materials for multifunctional sports field and children’s playground.

Sports complex Arkadija, Riga

Installing covering for multi-purpose sports grounds, wall tiling and floor laying.

Housing estate Meza ciems, Riga

Laying parquet, tiles and carpeting for the floor.

Liepaja city and district police office

Laying gym flooring.

Office building Valdemara Centrs, Riga

Laying carpeting for the floor.

Apogi townhouses

Supply of laminate Tarkett 6500 m2.

Galerija Riga shopping center

Delivery of laminate, linoleum and tile.


  • Olympics hall in Ventspils: delivery and laying of natural linoleum.
  • Vernisage, Riga, Terbatas Street, 2: delivery and laying of PVC covering and tiles.
  • Lido Recreation centre, Riga: delivery and laying tiles.
  • Commercial complex Mols, Riga: delivery and laying tiles and laminated wood, installing facades.
  • RIMI warehousing and office complex, Riga: delivery and laying natural linoleum.
  • Triangula Bastions multifunctional centre, Riga: delivery and laying tiles.
  • Aizkraukle hospital: delivery and laying finishing materials.
  • Kuldige hospital: delivery and laying finishing materials.
  • Polish school and Ilgutsiem school in Riga: delivery and laying gym flooring.
  • Secondary school in Daugavgrivs: delivery and layng gym flooring.
  • Hotels Alberts and Islande in Riga: delivery of PVC flooring and soft carpeting.
  • Centra nams apartment block, Riga: supplying materials, construction and decorative work.
  • Residential village of Marupe: delivery and laying materials and installing a multipurpose sports field.
  • Social complex and kindergarten in Dreilini: delivery and laying of natural linoleum.
  • Apartment block in Riga, Bauskas Street, 99: a complete selection of finishing materials, all the work involved in installing ’dirty’ and ’clean’ floors over an area of some 6000 m².
  • An office building in Riga (Ul. Brivibas, 45): delivery and laying of natural linoleum č carpeting for the floor.
  • Department store Centrs in Riga: delivery of tiles, laminated parquet and PVC covering.
  • Commercial complex Domina in Riga: delivery of PVC covering and tiles.
  • Residential developments Lielpriedes and Beberi: delivery of tiles, bathroom equipment, soft carpeting for the floor.
  • Jelgavas secondary school no.4 extension: supply of different linoleum Tarkett and tiles.
  • And many other projects